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Daddylo (Grandpa) January 03, 2012
Missing your growing up Ryley. Love you and hope to see you soon.
mommy March 08, 2009
hey, goose. every day, i love you more.
Grandma February 21, 2009
Ryley, you're amazing! You grew so fast and tall, so smart and so talented. You're such a wonderful big brother, too! So proud of you!! Love you.
Daddylo November 26, 2008
Ryley you look like growing taller. Like the new hairstyle. Miss you a lot specially you funny antics. Love you.
Uncle Henry October 29, 2007
Love the updated pictures. Ryley, looks like you are having lot of fun growing up!!!
mommy September 26, 2007
happy birthday sweetheart
aunt crissy September 26, 2007
Your Dad September 19, 2007
Happy 6th Birthday Ryley! I'm so happy and proud to be your father.
Daddy March 22, 2007
I love you Ryley and Mommy.
The Clarks January 21, 2007
LOOOOOVE the Peacock, I mean Mowhawk Ryley!! It really goes well with all of your funny faces! We saw you got a scooter for x-mas, Curren would love to do some "extreme scootin" with you. See ya soon bro.