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Mark Richardson September 29, 2003
Great website. From the "mouth open" shots, I think Ryan senior may have a loose filling :)
Daddly lo August 20, 2003
Nice seeing my grandson grow-up before my eyes even though I am 468 miles away. Thank God for such godly parents raising you.
Reb August 20, 2003
Your growing up very well... You are heaven sent!
tu tio garcia "the long hair gypsy" August 18, 2003
careful peanut sauce and don´t get too close to the elephant snout. know what they say about the snouts and peanuts, no? cada dia mas grande... mas guapo todavia... y los padres tambien por supuesto. love from spain
the Cardinal's August 18, 2003
Wow - Ryan is getting so big! He's beautiful and looks so happy. It's great to watch him grow up; keep the pixs coming!
auntie fingerpaint August 15, 2003
dear mr. ryan litte, you are way too cute and way too tall. do you remember back when you were just a jellybean hiccuping in your mommy´s tummy? thanks for sharing your summer and silly faces with me! i miss you!
Brian Quan August 15, 2003
Wow, little Ryan Jr is growing so fast. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Cheri July 16, 2003
Just sharing your website with my mom and abuelita! It looks great!
Kathy Do Doolaege July 16, 2003
These pictures are great! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm definitely going to sign up to share pictures of Karalyn! Hope all is well. Take care! Maybe someday we can get the kids together. All our best to you and your family!
Jason Amelia June 25, 2003
The little man is growing up fast. Thank you for sharing these great memories. You and your beautiful family look great. Hope all is well and take care.