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Sheri Giblin May 21, 2004
It's so much fun looking at all these pictures of Ryley .... he is getting soooo big!
Dinh, Henry, and Nathan April 11, 2004
Hey Ryley, I hope the booboo wasn't too bad. Nathan had a big booboo too from tiping over a corner table on himself. Hope to see you soon. Don't forget to tell your parents to take you to Disneyland with uncle Henry and Nate.... :)
Grandma March 07, 2004
It's truly amazing to see Ryley growing up so quickly and fast! So cute and so smart!! Mommy says you're now counting from 1 to 12 and working on your alphabet!! So proud of you, Ryley! Love you very much!! Great website, Dad and Mom!!
jessica resmini February 03, 2004
Ryan!!! you are so cute!!!
Tommy Deir October 01, 2003
Allright, allright, I found an even better pic than the monkeys at the Zoo. Mommy and her best friends and you little dudes! Just look at those smiles!!! You guys are happy, that's for sure... You cna't fake those smiles. That is an attitude of gratitiude. Ryley, be a good boy, or uncle will come take you surfing on the North Shore! Ask your Dad about that one....
Tommy Deir October 01, 2003
You are so cute! You are so lucky too! Your Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much. Never forget that. My favorite picture is of the three of you looking down into the camera at the Zoo. Three little monkeys, curious Georges...Happy monkeys!!! Ok, 2 monkeys and a beautiful Mom! Winnah!!! See you in Hawaii soon!
Tom and Christie September 30, 2003
Thanks so much for sharing these great moments. It is so nice to be able to share in them, even if only on the web. It doesn't make up for only seeing the little guy once or twice a year but it sure helps. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Aloha!
Greg Todd September 30, 2003
What a great website and what a kiddo! Ryan Jr. definitely has a great start in life.
Annalee Tai September 29, 2003
It's so neat to watch Ryan Jr. grow. The Sakai family really knows how to have great times! You guys are a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!!!
Linda Liu September 29, 2003
Ok, who's that kid? Is that little Ryan? He is no baby, definitely his own little person. He looks so happy as do his lovely parents.