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Brett September 20, 2004
Ryan Jr, tell your dad his mom and dad are both NERDS!!
Henry,Dinh, and Nathan September 20, 2004
Hi Ryley!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your birthday. Sorry we couldn't make it. We will do something fun together when we are up there next time. Lots love and kisses~~
Linda Liu September 20, 2004
Has it been 3 years already?! Wow Ryan, you are totally a big boy. I could see that you had a great time at you birthday party. Keep smiling.
Mark and Caroline Richardson June 15, 2004
Ryan you are getting so big and you really look like your daddy. I guess you will become a master in Karate too!!! Love Mark Caroline and Connor
Long June 14, 2004
Great pics! Looks like everyone had a blast at Disneyland. Wish Bec and I could have made it.
Evangeline Quesada June 09, 2004
Hello again Ryley! You really had a good time in Disneyland! Can I go with you next time? Have not been there in years. It would be great to see it again through your eyes. See you soon? luv ya
Michelle Chiero June 09, 2004
Hi Ryley-you are too cute! Your mom and I were great friends when we were younger. Hope to meet you and your daddy before you're all grown up. Thanks for the pictures :)
bg quesada May 23, 2004
Hey Ryley! Did you see Elmo at the sesame street exhibit? You sure get around. Say hi to your mom and dad for me.
Evangeline Quesada May 21, 2004
It is great to see Ryley grow right in front of our very eyes! He is so cute! those expressive eyes! ......looking forward to more ya.. from Tita Vanj
Paolo Resmini May 21, 2004
Ryley, glad to see you wearing that Giants Baseball Cap. We need more die hard fans like you. Maybe when you're old enough Dad will let me take you to a game! Love, Tito Paolo