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Frenjick September 25, 2004
Ryan is growing so fast : ) Thanks for sharing the moments.
Kim & Ed September 22, 2004
This is so cute... love the website! Great party, thanks for inviting us!
Nathan September 22, 2004
Ryley, Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a blast. Great job on the backyard. Wish we were there. Sorry we missed it. Hopefully, I'll see you soon and you can tell me all about the party.
Long & Becca September 21, 2004
Looks like you had a great birthday Ryley. Daddy and Uncle Stu did a great job on the backyard. Sorry we missed it, but we've got a kewl present to give you next time we see you.
Bella-marie September 21, 2004
Ryley. Thank you for such a wonderful party! My favorite part of the party was eating BOTH cookie monster and Elmo cup cakes! They were yummy!!!!!!
Tiara and Nai'a September 21, 2004
hay rYlee, whos dat man who looks like yore daddy? Is he yore granpa's brother? oar is he with the band?
Da Cookie Monstah September 21, 2004
What the idea of making me into a fruitcake cupcake? My contract said strictly COOKIES ONLY!! Now that's gonna cost you another hundred cookies! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!!
Elmo September 21, 2004
My face hurts! Ha ha ha ha ha....owww!
Uncle Tommy September 21, 2004
Ryley, you're not supposed to blow out the candles with hurricane force winds!!! Tiara and Nai'a couldn't hold a candle to your lung capacity! Happy Boifday big fellah! Now get ready for school!!!
Christie Wong (Barrett) September 20, 2004
Dear Ryley, You are growing up so fast. Your mom and dad are so great to keep us all posted on the fun adventures you are having as you grow up. Looks like it was a wonderfully fun birthday party - those cupcakes sure looked yummy! Can't wait to see you soon.