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Susie Quesada December 05, 2004
Time sure flies. I hope to see you soon!
Greg Todd December 05, 2004
Loved the Kill Bill!
Debbie Killion December 04, 2004
GREAT Halloween costumes! I Love the Art gallery addition and the titles of lil' Ryan's artwork!!
Uncle Darren December 04, 2004
Pai Mei?? Oh Ryan, your parents scare me! Don't worry, I will still buy you wonderful shoes....
Mark Richardson December 03, 2004
Very well done. Where the $%#@ is uncle Stu?
Paolo Resmini December 03, 2004
Nice update! Go Giants! Where are pictures of Mommy and Daddy's costumes?...:)!
Tito Sito December 02, 2004
what a stud. and a giants fan to boot! man this kid is being raised the right way...all parents please take note :) lots of love...great to see everyone on turkey day...
Paolo Resmini November 02, 2004
Hey I wanna see more pictures!
Annalee Tai October 05, 2004
Hi Sakai Family! It's been a long time since I have seen you guys. Thanks for keeping in touch and sharing all these wonderful photos over the years with me! I have enjoyed watching the little man grow! Thinking of you and missing you all!!!
tito tim & tita bg September 27, 2004
Hi Ryley! Belated Happy Birthday! Your backyard looks great...may we play with Nemo bubble machine one of these days? Say hi to your mom and dad!