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Myles McCormick March 28, 2005
Great pics. Glad to see you guys are doing well. Hope to see you some time soon after baby No. 3 (my boy!) gets here. Take Care
Susie Q March 26, 2005
Ryley is so big now. It looks like you are having fun! See you soon!
Curren Clark March 21, 2005
Hey dude! I loved the new pics. Even though I see you all the time i really got to see what else you've been up to when I'm not looking! Pretty cool stuff and lots of funny pictures with your mom and dad. See you soon neighbor!!
jessica resmini March 21, 2005
tricia you look great!!! i wish we could have made it!!!
Amber B. Issa February 24, 2005
Hi Sakai Family!! Thanks for sharing your photo website with me. Ryley is such a cutie and I cannot wait to meet him in person. I am sure Ryley is as fun as his parents are :-). Aunty Amber
Nam January 29, 2005
Hi 'ryley' You so cute...look very much like 'mom'...Hope to c u one day
Steve (Okinawa) January 21, 2005
The whole Sakai looks great! Riley, what happened? You're sooo big!! Love, The Okinawa Johns
Tom and Christie January 21, 2005
We're looking at Big-Boy Ryley's site together and really enjoying the pictures. Those are some seriously cool flames too! What a hot rod! Hope we can see you all soon..Love T&C
mary e johnson January 21, 2005
adorable! happy 2005. thx for sharing!
Jessica Resmini December 05, 2004
You guys are too cute!!! How much for "Solitude"?