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Grandma December 30, 2005
Ryley... what an enjoyable Christmas! So many presents...a new train set... how fun!! You all look, Dad, Mom and Jpeg! Love, Grandma
Daddylo December 29, 2005
Love the Pictures. Ryley's Mom can you help me set up our own QuesadaSan on babyjellybean? Love Pastor Dad
Uncle Darren October 27, 2005
Hi to see your mom last weekend in NYC. It was amazing. Coming out to SF to see you very soon! Love Uncle Darren
aunt crissy July 16, 2005
ryley you are super dooper cute! your mommy and daddy are the best! run over to them and give them a big squeeeeze from me. xo
Paul, Jessica, Josephine and Harriet July 08, 2005
We love the "Day with Dad" pix. Ryley is getting so big! Hope to have Josie meet Ryley soon.
Amber Issa July 07, 2005
Love the "pull my finger" journal entry. Thanks for sharing the photos with me. I think it is great that you found a kid in SoHo who has a website too. Nice!!! Keep up the work Sakai family. Love, Amber B.
Jessica July 05, 2005
Can't wait to see you guys soon!! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Daddylo July 05, 2005
Ryley your turning into real ham. Model material if I say so myself. But then again I'm biased since I am your grandpa.
Uncle Henry June 23, 2005
Hey, Ryley, We all know where you learned that trick, pull the index finger...... Who? Uncle Stu......
Grammy May 18, 2005
Hi, Ryley, Thank you for the great birthday video. That was the best birthday present I ever got!! love, Grammy