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tita liza January 21, 2007
Riley...can I come play with your cool new toys??? Trix....I want one of these sites!!! Ryan...You and Tricia + Riley...great stuff!
unce hen January 19, 2007
cool hair Riley.....
tita jessie January 19, 2007
I like the yellow truck!
aunt crissy January 12, 2007
RYLEY! your mohawk is way cool! i love it! BIG HUG to you, your mommy and daddy AND peggers, AND you again.....
Cher December 19, 2006
I love your website!
Linda Liu November 08, 2006
I can't believe he's so big now. He is adorable. He looks just like Tricia.
Amy Clark February 10, 2006
Great new stuff! I couldn't believe the clay sushi!! It is amazing-Ryan has another hidden talent. I also really like all the new graphics. Very cool.
Uncle Henry's Family February 07, 2006
Good to see Ryley and Jpeg is getting along well. If you are playing with the clay now, I gotta get you clay I got from Korea. Hope to see you guys soon....
Michelle January 03, 2006
The pictures are great! Congrats on the beautiful new house. When is it time for Trishley?
Uncle Henry January 02, 2006