Happy Halloween! November 02, 2011
I like this picture a lot.  We took it really quickly on my iPhone for Mom before heading over to the Boys and Girls Club for their Halloween Haunted House.  You were one of the few in costume.  Your face makes all the time I spent on your costume worth the effort.  I love you so much.  ~ Dad
a really good (and smart) friend April 08, 2011
Ryley's been working with double-digit multiplication and the lattice method (had to look that up) in school.  He was having trouble remembering the order in which things are done, so I worked with him for an hour on it.  Then he got it, no problem.  Here's the best part... Next day, at school, he sat down with his friend Jeremiah and showed him how to do it.  And now Jeremiah's got it in the bag!  Now they'll both do well in their upcoming star testing.  Not only did it sink in, Ryley learned it well enough to teach his friend!  Jeremiah asked him if he could be his tutor.  hehe... So proud of the boy.  Such a smarty pants.
doing great in school! June 23, 2009
we got ryley's report card in the mail... his first grade teacher, gary, said that he's reading at a FIFTH GRADE level!  We're so proud of our smarty-pants.
lost his 6th tooth. June 21, 2009
two wheeler! July 17, 2008
ryley started riding his bike without training wheels.  check out the video!