Multi-talented October 25, 2012
I'm trying to be multi-talented, and so far, it's working.
Everything I'm gonna make August 18, 2012
Everything I'm gonna make is going to be big, crazy, or straight-up awesome!
That's just how I roll... June 15, 2011
After spending a day at one of our beautiful SF hilly parks, Ryley was rolling down the hills on the way to the car.  After rolling down about 5 hills, he ran to catch up to me and said, "That's just how I roll!"
a few mispronunciations that we love January 04, 2008
Ryley's been saying these for so long now that they've become habit.  We don't dare correct him, cause it's too cute.

"Don't coffee me!"
"I o-forgot"
when he sees a commercial for a toy he likes October 06, 2007
"I want that for another Christmas!"